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Neuland With Script - By Judy MelvinA Balancing Act. Neuland, contemporary, contagious, bold and a terrific compliment when used with Script writing. Whether paired with Pointed Brush, Nibs, Technical writing tools, Italic or thin pressure style Roman hands, Neuland is an alphabet worth its weight in Gold — yes, it takes gold leaf well. We will concentrate on the hand as intended and designed by Rudolf Koch, and then the fun begins — stacking, stretching, using really wide nibs & brushes, and some handmade tools, for effects. When combining the letters with your personal choice of scripts, you will be encouraged and guided to find your own personal style & voice. Neuland really works well with almost any style of lettering.


spontaneous-combustion-judy-melvin-pittsburgh-paSpontaneous Combustion. This is a class full of tricks and techniques which are applied to actual design projects. The vision of this class is to control the fear of failure and to encourage participants to work quickly on several pieces at once…jumping from one to the other spontaneously. And the combustion (no actual burning here) begins moving from one person to another to the whole room. I work with a myriad of media…bring whatever you have and we will try and use it. This will be fast-paced, positive and fun. Come with an open mind, a willingness to get dirty, and share an adventure in design. This is a 4 day class Improv Studio is a shorter version in a 2 or 2 1/2 day venue I also teach an intro version of this class to novices called Art Expose.


imrpov-studi-judy-melvin-pittsburgh-paImprov Studio. If you are interested in something other than a structured class, have drawers of unfinished work or just want to be nudged to a new level, sign on for a fun ride with mixed media. Early mornings will be spent with new media presented, and a bit of brain-storming ideas to achieve unusual results and basis for layering and many new pieces. As you look with new eyes at old solutions, you will create anew, with finished art daily, which will lead to work on developing a series and / or create a reference folio. We will use old tricks and techniques or learn new ones. The focus is to add to the individual vision of each artist. The IMPROV will be fast paced, electric and fun! Collaborations are also encouraged. Come and celebrate the joy of creating and opening you mind to new solutions and ideas.


art-expose-judy-melvin-pittsburgh-paArt Expos√©. Spend several days of class time experimenting with a variety of media & techniques which will add color, life and interest to your work. This is an opportunity to open yourself to the endless media possibilities (lots of cheap tricks) that youve wanted to try… but just needed to be nudged a little. This class will allow you to experiment with as many mixed media techniques as possible and overcome the fear of failure. Yes this is a fast paced class, but loaded with fund and discoveries! You will have some new answers to design problems or at least a new way of looking at your work. On the road to becoming a card designer, I learned to work quickly with a variety of media… actually a new card each day. It became such a job and delight to experience the creative process and the results. I will demonstrate each new media and then you will begin hands on creating. We will work small, 12×12 inches to create with the techniques and finish with a bit of collage, a word or two and you will come away with ideas and techniques galore (and finished work!)


brushing-the-surface-judy-melvin-pittsburgh-paBrushing the Surface. The pointed brush is a magical tool for the beginning or experienced lettering artist. Versatility, speed and movement are some of the advantages of the pointed brush- not as easily achieved with a nib or ruling pen. Most of the timewill be spent developing the alphabet(s), use of brushes and how to achieve the discipline required for this magical tool. We will also work in some color and background art to enhance the lettering. Individual attention will be given to all students whether beginning or advanced.


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